fiction and memoir samples

  • Here's another essay for the Good Men Project — this one about my men's group.  more
  • My Father's Day essay for GMP: What Dad Really Wants.  more
  • My latest piece of writing for the Good Men Project: How men converse. (Or don't.)  more
  • My essay inviting men to use "I" when they speak got great response on the GMP!  more
  • A piece of creative nonfiction for The Good Men Project: Meeting my doppelgänger.  more
  • The Good Men Project published (and HuffPo reprinted) a memoir about my dad.  more  huffpo
  • "Spinout," a memoir, reprinted in Make and the Good Men Project.  make  podcast  g m p
  • "Oysters, Pearls" (fiction)  more
  • "Shattered" (memoir)  more
  • NPR commentary about my hometown.  more
  • "Surfing Alaska" (fiction)  more
  • "Chew" (memoir)  more

As a creative writer, I've had pieces published in magazines, journals, anthologies, and online. This is my most personal writing, which includes short fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, autobiographical essays, and radio commentaries.