From start-ups and nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies, organizations rely on me to help them reach a broader audience — to clarify, simplify, translate, and sell their products or services to potential new customers. Whether I'm creating online content, brochures, newsletters, press releases, ebooks, ad copy, or editing or proofreading corporate publications, I believe in the power of effective writing. Clear communication is my business, and I deliver it.

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recent projects

  • Melcher Media hired me to write a proof-of-concept book for 3D software leader Autodesk.   more
  • I helped United State Artists, which donates $2.5 million annually to American artists working, develop new web, fundraising, and marketing materials.  more
  • Sterling Brands, a leading brand and design firm, regularly hires me to write branding and romance copy for their clients.  more  Häagen-Dazs
  • I wrote, edited, and managed content for Ascendant, a personal and professional development company.  more
  • Atlassian, a Sydney-based software company, hired me to write an ebook about hosted development systems.  more
  • With Celery Design, I co-created a short video for HP on energy awareness.  more
  • ThinkShop, a leading ideation company, needed fresh copy for its new website.  more
  • I wrote press releases for Fluidigm, a developer and distributor of IFC's.  more
  • Doors of Your Life, a Realtor team, asked me to help design and rewrite portions of its new website.  more